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3D Full Printing

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Knights Templar Even Though I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death I Fear No Evil T-shirt 3D Full Printing

Size (Please check the Sizing Table):
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Every Hoodie/T-shirt of Templaran is made with the utmost care - just for you! This December, we only do 9 pieces of this limited edition shirt. Get it before it's gone!

Size Unisex Tee :

SweatShirt and Hoodie

Size Beach Short:

Item Type:T-Shirt, Long Sleeve,Hoodie, Beach short

What You Hoodie Is Made of

This hoodie sweatshirt is a construct of polyester and spandex. It’s a loose structure allows freedom of movement, and there’s ample coverage from the sharp weather temperature. All hoodies have drawstrings to adjust the hood. The wrists are cuffed as well as the hem to help keep warmth inside. It’s easy to clean since it’s machine washable. You can wear this hoodie whenever you want and wherever you need to go. The goal is the comfort and to be as fun as you can be while showing off your whimsical side in fashion.